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Global Lending Platform

Major Pain Points

  • Underfinanced market

    Inability of small entrepreneurs to get funds vital for their businesses from regular lenders fast and on fair terms

  • Industrial weakness

    Banks are unable to score and lend to SME losing vast profits due to outdated IT systems; they crave for solution

  • Huge rates up to 60%

    High risks of regular loans to SMEs due to low financial literacy and obsolete technologies, as result interest rates up to 60% p.a.

Unique Platform Solution

  • Big data + AI + Blockchain

    Unique mix of technologies, state of art intelligent scoring machine dedicated to merchant SME, automated lean loan processing and blockchain-level transparency

  • Banking APIs

    The Platform is connecting to borrower's acquiring, real data used for scoring and debt collection is automated by deducting a small 2-5% fee from future transactions

  • Low risk SME lending

    Already by controlling repayments the WishFinance shows lowest risk on the market, to make risk even lower we are insuring each loan from default, while maintaining high profitability

Great investment opportunity

  • Zero Default Technology

    WishFinance showed 24% per annum on $500000 test portfolio in 112 loans with NO defaults in 2017; this technology could be used by any lender in any country

  • Access Token

    WSH is an access token needed to manage loan portfolio on the platform. It means a lender with 1000 active loans should own and deposit 1000 WSH tokens. At the Token Sale lowest price is $1.

  • Price Pressure

    Lenders will buy tokens to manage portfolios, non-lenders may deposit WSH on the platform and earn on rent. Our forecasts show up to x25 multiplier from the Token Sale price in 24 months.

Global Loan Portfolio Management

Advanced technologies

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Platform as a Service:

Access tokens for SME scoring, lending and collection

Meet the first ever Token Sale of global SME lending Platfrom-as-a-Service with WSH tokens - a key to access every technology feature for SME lending at any market

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WishFinance innovations

  • Real data scoring

    Use real financial transactions data to score each of your SME borrowers to lower your business risks and provide fair interests rate.

  • Fast lending

    In WishFinance Platform most of operations are automated, this way of business helps you to issue loans as fast as 24 hours maximum.

  • Insured loans

    Each issued loan could be insured from borrower's bankruptcy so your investors are happy, you are happy, and your borrowers are happy.

  • Cashless economy

    Platform helps you to lend only to merchants who accept cashless payments, so each issued loan makes our world easier and more effective.

  • Globally scalable

    WishFinance Platform could be used by professional lender of any size at any country, enabling small and medium banks and other lenders to earn on SME financing.

  • Made to serve SME

    Our product is created to serve most vulnerable and financially underserved types of businesses - small and medium companies.

  • Transparent portfolio

    The Platform uses the blockchain to revolutionize the way lenders do securitization of the portfolio when they need to sell it to outside investors.

  • Social impact

    SMEs are the backbone of every country's economy. They are creating most of jobs and paying a lot of taxes. WishFinance Platform users are supporting them.

  • Access token

    WSH is an access token needed to manage loan portfolio on the platform. It means a lender with 1000 active loans should own and deposit 1000 WSH tokens.

Cryptographic audit


A standard practice of smart contract projects today is the Cryptographic Audit, a set of monitoring tools and consulting that allows any member of the public to easily validate our smart contracts. This is how we will achieve our transparency goals:


We will give preference to exchanges that have implemented Proof of Solvency (PoS) measures; cold storage reserves can be audited, as is the case with Poloniex and Kraken.


Platform will store information about the whole portfolio and its performance on the blockchain, with all personal data anonymised. Our transparency policy will help the borrowers, funds, current and potential investors in many ways, including the predictability and accountability of their investments.


To have proof that nobody mismanaged data between audits.


WishFinance plans to have a new C-level position in the world of finances - Chief Blockchain Officer - who will be responsible for auditing and reporting our own use of blockchain technologies and push forward general financial technologies to clear and effective future.

First lending platform using real acquiring data

WishFinance platform connects to acquiring providers via its own Banking API layer. We do this to ensure there are as few as possible critical functions for secure lending and a seamless repayment experience for borrowers.

Google Analytics for SME Lending Management

WishFinance built a neural network (in prototype now) to analyze patterns in Big Data and make reports about the whole portfolio performance, just like Google Analytics for loan portfolio.

Straightforward Loan Portfolio Securitization

Each lender needs securitization process to get liquidity from the market. WishFinance is using blockchain to make a securitization instrument for each lender on the platform.

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Token Details

Token Sale

Available supply:

10 000 000 WSH

What does this token represent?

WSH tokens executed by an Ethereum are the access tokens. They needed to have access to the platform and manage a loan portfolio. Also, tokens could be rented from token holder by a lender with revenue share.

Initial Token Sale:

First phase ended 7 December 2017

Downside protection

30% of the proceeds from WSH Distribution will be reserved for a guaranteed buyback of WSH tokens at 80% of the Distribution Rate nominated in USD. The reserve will be stored in the diversified portfolio of major cryptocurrencies and will last for 24 months after the tokens distribution.






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